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Tailgating Tips for a Parking Lot Celebration

Posted on: May 22nd, 2013 by Blacktop 360 No Comments

Tailgating TipsFootball fans have a tradition of hanging out in the parking lot of a game and there can be a lot of thought put into a good tailgating party.   The party can be spontaneous for some people but there is still some preparation involved and in order to share as much delicious food and drink as possible the tailgaters have to bring the right supplies.  Friends need to coordinate and find out who can bring grills for tailgating and make sure all the food is ready to go once the grill arrives.

An easy way to make things go smoothly is to prepare all the meat beforehand either with a marinade for the steaks or to make the hamburger patties and freeze them so they are ready to go.  Whoever is in charge of the tailgate grill can make clean up a little easier by lining it with aluminum foil.  Just throw away the foil with the used charcoal and you can quickly get home and not worry about it.

An important thing to think about is how to keep your drinks cold at the tailgating bbq party.  If you are going to be outside in the heat for a long time the ice in the cooler can melt quickly and leave you with lukewarm soda.  You can make sure that all your drinks have been refrigerated and are cool before you put them in the cooler and the ice won’t melt as quickly.

Another good trick is to freeze bottled water and use it as an ice pack in your cooler.  When it melts you can drink it and you are not left with a cooler full of water as you are leaving.  A little preparation and thought into the food and clean up can make a tailgate go quickly and smoothly. Connect with Blacktop 360 On Google+

Chinese Authorities Threaten to Ban Outdoor Barbequing in Beijing

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Ban Outdoor BBQBeijing has a growing air pollution problem that has led to serious environmental and social issues affecting the city.  One of their proposed solutions could eliminate the popular culture of outdoor barbeque stalls which they claim are a significant contribution to the city’s air pollution.

At these outdoor food stalls, customers can watch cooks grill barbeque skewers which are available for cheap to eat outside with a group of friends.  Many critics of this proposal say that the environmental impact of barbeque grilling is very small compared to nearby factories and transportation.  This ban could potentially wipe out a cultural icon of Beijing while still failing to resolve the environmental issues at hand.

It looks as though city officials are trying to find a scape goat for the pollution problem.  Targeting the barbeque vendors will make it look like they are taking action because conflicting interests probably prevent them from interfering with the greater contributors to air pollution.  An outdoor barbeque grill is not capable of affecting the air quality to extent that it has been deteriorating over the years.  This solution can only harm the city’s culture and will do little to change the situation.

Celebrate National Hamburger Month

Posted on: May 14th, 2013 by Blacktop 360 No Comments

National Hamburger MonthThe month of May has been designated “National Hamburger Month” and of course people will find plenty of ways to celebrate a holiday like this.  It is a good chance to go out and order something at your favorite burger place, throw a barbeque or brush up on your burger making skills.  You can try a new kind of burger or create your own with special toppings.  This holiday is a good excuse to throw a fun party with friends and family where everyone can share their burger ideas and recipes.

You can have different people take over the barbeque grill or if you have a grill with a deep fryer you can add French fries, onion rings or whatever you can think of to make it a complete meal.  Sampling different kinds of burger recipes and traditional sides will be a good way to appreciate the hamburger during the month of May.

Although the hamburger was originally a German dish it has become a favorite of the American diet especially with the success of many fast food restaurants offering their own versions of the ground beef and bread sandwich.   Going out for a burger or making one with a portable grill is now a favorite American pastime and is a big part of our culture.  Burgers have evolved from simple ground beef patties to chicken, turkey, fish and even vegetable versions with an endless list of possible toppings and flavors to sample at different restaurants and fast food places.

Even though there are so many different types of burgers people still love an old fashioned hamburger or cheeseburger at their own backyard barbeque or the local diner.  Celebrate this traditional staple of American culture in your own way for National Hamburger Month and eat to your heart’s content. Make sure to check out all the cool videos at  Blacktop 360 Grills On YouTube.

The Champions of Barbequing and Grilling

Posted on: May 11th, 2013 by Blacktop 360 No Comments

The Champions Of Barbecuing And GrillingSome people only barbeque for their family and friends and others take it seriously by entering real competitions all around the country.  A couple from Sevierville, Tennessee has found success cooking their own sauces and using their techniques on a barbecue grill for judges at a variety of festivals.

Barbecuing is a treasured skill, especially in the south where many of these grilling competitions take place.  The couple’s strategy is to cook their food the same way at every contest and always time things accurately whatever type of grill for barbecuing they are using.  They have already won 23 grand championships using their tried and true techniques.

This is probably a kind competition that not many people know about and have never tried.  I think it’s great for this couple to take something they know how to do well and are passionate about and take it seriously as a competitive activity.  Whatever the criteria are for judging this type of competition is the couple must be very familiar with what the judges’ expectations. For anyone that is skilled at barbecue grilling these competitions seem like a great way to feel successful and share your passion for food with other like-minded people.

Choosing a Variety of Food for Parties

Posted on: May 8th, 2013 by Blacktop 360 No Comments

Food For PartiesOne thing that people want the most when they are out eating and drinking with friends is plenty of options to choose from.  Nothing creates a more enjoyable atmosphere than a spread of a wide variety of foods and party platters that give people the chance to sample different things or maybe even taste something they’ve never tried before.  You can also feel more confident knowing that if someone doesn’t like certain foods there will be other options that they may enjoy at the party.

It is a good idea to take into account people that are vegetarian or vegan and make sure not to exclude them in anyway by supplying only meat and cheese items.  If you have cooking equipment like a grill and deep fryer in one then you will have the chance to fry vegetables and make delicious foods that everyone can enjoy.  Of course you can grill or fry almost anything with this type of combination grill and it can open up a lot of options.  It can also be fun for people to try cooking food themselves or if you are using one of the grills for tailgating.

Sometimes when you are throwing a party it can be fun to experiment with foods from different cultures.  You can make a Japanese, Thai or Indian dish along with your traditional American foods.  It will give you a chance to cook something you’ve never tried to make before and maybe that your friends have never tasted.  You can use your portable grill and fryer to make unique foods from around the world that will keep you and your guests satisfied throughout the entire party.  You should also supply plenty of options and variety for beers and cocktails as well as refreshments for people who prefer not to drink alcohol.  A wide variety of drinks and foods is the best way to be a great host or hostess.

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Barbeque Boot Camps and Grilling Classes

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Grilling ClassesFor people who don’t know the first thing about barbequing or are just looking for a fun and different cooking class, they can now attend local barbeque boot camps. These are growing in popularity and sell out quickly in the summer months as people are looking forward to tailgating grill parties and backyard events with their friends.   While barbequing might not seem like there is much too it, these classes are actually taught by some of the top culinary chefs and can show you real grilling techniques used by the pros.  Some of the classes even offer tailgating barbeque techniques as well as ideas for drink pairings.

I think these classes a great idea to get people more interested in learning cooking techniques and it can be fun for friends and family to take this type of class together.  So many people have their own barbecue grill but don’t know the first thing about using it.  If you don’t have someone to help you grill at your parties then taking one of these classes will help you remember how to use the grill properly and hopefully make something that will really impress your friends.  This type of class would be a fun way to get summer started.

How to Save Money on a Backyard Barbecue

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Save Money On A Backyard BarbequeIf you are on a budget but you still want to have fun and throw a party for friends and family then there are plenty of easy ways to cut back on your barbeque supplies.  For people who haven’t purchased their grill yet it is a good idea to look into something that is versatile and effective but still affordable.  With a portable bbq grill ones are a great choice because you can use them anywhere and do not have to be limited to your backyard.

They are perfect for tailgating grill parties or camping trips but also work really well for a barbeque in your own home.  With a more versatile type of grill you can also save money by buying inexpensive types of meat.  You can stick with simple and traditional food like burgers but make them more interesting by experimenting with seasonings and toppings for people to choose from.

Another way to get creative while saving money on your barbeque is to create your own sauces instead of buying them.  You can make sauces for your meat by starting with base like ketchup or tomato sauce and adding in whatever spices you have.  It can be a great way to create something unique that you and your friends will like instead of buying premade marinades or sauces.

Lastly, to save money on barbeques in the long run you should always think about taking good care of your barbeque grill.  You can get the most out of your grill purchase by cleaning it every time you use it and emptying out all the ashes.  Keep the grate oiled so your food doesn’t get stuck to it and it stays clean.  Grills can last many years if you take care of them and avoid having to replace them in the future. Connect with Blacktop 360 on Facebook.

What’s The Best Barbecue Grill For Tailgating?

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Best BBQ Grill For TailgatingAnyone who cooks outdoors or goes to barbecues on a regular basis knows that the grill is the center of the party. A barbecue is a great excuse to have a get together and have fun with friends and family. Any kind of celebration, from a birthday to a tailgate party, is a great excuse to fire up the grill. Good food can either make or a break a party, so it’s important to have the best grill that can do the job right. Yahoo! even posted an article in which they ranked the ‘Top 10 Tailgating Grills’.

Everyone looks forward to having delicious food at an outdoor cookout. You can expect to find perfectly cooked hamburgers, steaks, and hot dogs coming off the grill. A barbecue grill for tailgating or celebrating any occasion should be able to cook up a variety of ingredients perfectly and at the same time. Timing and flavor are so important when cooking over an open flame. You want your guests to have all the dishes they want when they’re hungry.

A hybrid grill is great for such occasions because it includes all the cooking methods you need in one place. A grill, griddle and deep fryer placed side by side allows a cook to prepare a diverse meal much more conveniently than they would be able to inside their kitchen at home. With all the equipment you need at hand, it’s easy to prepare a burger with french fries and a toasted bun for example, as quickly as your guests can eat them. Taste is never sacrificed either. The smoky flavors of the grill enhance your ingredients more than ever.

Test your skills as an outdoor cook by trying out new ingredients and combinations on your grill. The possibilities are endless and your guests will never grow tired of tasting your creations.

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In The West, Outdoor Barbecuing Is Synonymous With Healthy Eating

Posted on: April 28th, 2013 by Blacktop 360 No Comments

Healthy BBQWhen we think barbecue, we think hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, and other foods that are super tasty but not so good for our health. It may come as a surprise to many that barbecuing doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, there is a long tradition of outdoor barbecuing as a way to prepare fresh foods quickly and healthfully.

In California and other west coast states, outdoor grilling has been the preferred method for cooking fish, vegetables and lean meats. A healthy bbq makes sense in a place where fresh ingredients are plentiful and weather is pleasant year round. What better way is there to enjoy the outdoors than to prepare a meal al fresco? Barbecuing in California came to signify the good life and today grilled California cuisine can be prepared by anyone, no matter what state they live in.

Let yourself be inspired the next time you get the urge to grill. Try grilling fish, seafood, in season vegetables, even fruits for a smoky side or gourmet dessert. It may be a party grill session, but it doesn’t have to be bad for you. Barbecuing imparts great flavor to a variety of ingredients. The possibilities are endless and your taste-buds will thank you for it.

A Grill And Deep Fryer In One? Now It’s Possible

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Grill InnovationsWith traditional grills, you are limited to cooking only certain types of foods for an outdoor event. Hamburgers, steaks, ribs, and hot dogs are great, but after so much may leave you wanting more. Foodies who also love to cook outdoors are often frustrated by the limitations of the grill. Luckily, a new grill innovation has been created to help unleash the creativity of outdoor chefs across the nation.

The Blacktop 360 is the ultimate accessory for anyone who loves food and needs to barbecue on a regular basis. The grill is completely portable, easy to transport, clean, and store too. It has all the cooking methods you could ever need, including a griddle, deep fryer, and of course a grill. A grill and deep fryer in one lets you marry the marry the tastes of your favorite foods during the course of one meal. Now making a delicious grilled hamburger along with perfectly crisp french fries or onion rings is easy to do anywhere. Because the Blacktop has all the tools you need side by side, different foods can be cooked simultaneously and without the normal hassle. In fact, many cooks prefer using the Blacktop to cooking in their own kitchens. It’s way more fun and requires less equipment.

The possibilities become endless when you think about using the Blacktop at your next outdoor event. Tailgate parties, barbeques, camping trips and beachside gatherings can all be more enjoyable with delicious favorites prepared onsite. Let your imagination run wild and try out the recipes you never thought could be done outside the kitchen. The Blacktop 360 is a dream come true for culinary enthusiasts across the nation.

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